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Atlanta, Georgia-based Level 77 Music is a boutique, independent production music company emphasizing innovation and creativity. Founded by pioneering…


Atlanta, Georgia-based Level 77 Music is a boutique, independent production music company emphasizing innovation and creativity. Founded by pioneering music producer Patrick Avard in 2016, Level 77 was designed to bring a cutting-edge approach to the world of production music, serving filmmakers, ad agencies, marketing directors, music supervisors, independent creators, and beyond. For any entity in the creative industry searching for quality, next-level music for their project, Level 77 adds value and vibe to the finished product every single time.

Avard’s music has been featured on Netflix’s Cheer, America’s Got Talent, and the Ellen DeGeneres Show, while Level 77 Music’s executive producer Jason Rudd received the Mark Award for “Best Country Track” at the 2021 PMA Mark Awards. Other Level 77 composers have been featured in numerous television projects on networks like Fox Sports, Hulu, ESPN, ABC, and more. The company’s creative team represents decades of top-tier industry experience, and it shows in spades with every new composition.
Level 77’s award-winning producers and composers help users tell their stories through high-impact work that has earned recognition in both mainstream music and entertainment circles. Through a collaborative engagement with a diverse network of artists, Level 77 gives composers flexibility to push the bar of the typical musical offerings that a production music library would feature, granting them the latitude to bring the fullness of their creativity to every project.

This creative trust between composer and company is evident in the genre scope of Level 77’s wide-ranging catalog. The company has taken great strides in 2022 to aggressively expand and forge partnerships of their own catalog internationally in countries and regions like Korea, Israel, Japan, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Europe. Level 77’s deep musical offerings include the libraries of six labels that represent a stylistic frequency from all corners of the musical dial: VIVE, a boundary-pushing vocal EDM, dance, and pop imprint; Prestige, a catalog of next-generation music for top-shelf advertising in the corporate and broadcasting worlds; The Vault, a far-reaching production music library with rare, deep and varied specialties; Luxe, a repository for cinematic soundscapes perfect for film scores, trailers, documentaries and more; Grey Man Production Music, a thoughtful UK-based library of both solo instrumentals and nuanced stock music underscores, perfect for narrative-driven video, documentaries and other projects; and Lone Sound, yet another UK-based sub-label devoted exclusively to solo instrumental releases.

You can learn more about Level 77 Music and search their collection of music at www.level77music.com.


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